Martin Klavon - Freelance Web Developer
PHP Web Developer Huddersfield Version 2.0

I'm an all-round web developer & designer with skills ranging from server-side coding to creative designs using client-side styling. Read on for a more detailed description of my skills.

Hand-Coded Websites

I believe that to have control over every aspect of a website, all of the code needs to be hand-written. This approach to web development helps to keep all of my websites in line with the W3C's web standards.

Server-Side Technology (PHP & MySQL)

Any decent website today has some sort of scripting going on at the server-side. Every website I develop is no different. Running code 'behind the scenes' helps to create complex Web applications with user interactivity.

Client-Side Technology (JavaScript, AJaX)

Using client-side technologies such as JavaScript has its advantages over more advanced server-side technologies such as PHP as it can work in 'real time'. For example, the contact form on this website uses JavaScript to pre-validate the form before submitting it to be processed by PHP. I use AJaX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) along with PHP to create dynamic, user interactive applications such as search systems & content management systems.

Markup Languages (HTML, XHTML)

I always try to write my code in XHTML so that all of my work is backwards-compatible and well-formed. Some of my existing websites use standard HTML but I tend not to use it so much anymore.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

When I first started using CSS over 7 years ago, it was mainly used to add style to predominantly table-based layouts. However, today it is used mainly for the design & layout of a website, with tables rarely being used.

Image Editing (Photoshop & Fireworks)

What would websites be like without any images? Fast loading, yes, but slightly bland to look at, also. I like to create images that will load fast across any Internet connection but look nice, too. I tend to use Photoshop for fairly advanced imaging and Fireworks for more simple images such as vector-based ones.

Everything else...

I can create basic animation using Flash with ActionScript. As for server administration, I have a decent knowledge of Linux servers, load balancing and Apache HTTP Server to complete the full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) circle.

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