Martin Klavon - Freelance Web Developer
PHP Web Developer Huddersfield Version 2.0

Welcome to my web development portfolio. Here you will find websites & web scripts that I have developed in the past few years, plus examples.

1. Terrier-Bytes - Huddersfield Town Fan-Site

This is one of the first websites that I developed. It currently has a Content Management System (CMS) handling all of the news articles & stories. It uses PHP heavily with MySQL on back-end to store all of the website's content.

Link: Huddersfield Town

2. The Robin's Nest Childminding Service

This is a website I developed for a client that needed an online presence with a look matching her business' image. I feel the website offers a professional image and has a design suited to its target audience. All of the code on this website is valid XHTML & CSS and uses PHP in the background with JavaScript being used for the menu system.



For this website I built the XHTML/CSS based template ready for the client to populate it with content.


More sites to follow...

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